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Discover Belgrade Waterfront: Sava Promenade

Belgrade Waterfront has become the epicenter of modern life in Belgrade, and Sava Promenade is its crown jewel. This promenade, located along the banks of the Sava River, has become a favorite spot for walking, recreation, and relaxation for Belgraders and city visitors alike.

Sava Promenade, stretching along the banks of the Sava River, has a long history dating back centuries. This part of Belgrade was once an industrial area, and the Sava riverbank was underutilized and neglected. However, with the development of the Belgrade Waterfront project, Sava Promenade underwent significant changes and has become one of the most beautiful promenades in the city.

Sava Promenade offers a beautiful view of the Sava River and the city skyline. Walking along this promenade, visitors can enjoy nature, observe rafts, boats, and birds living along the river, and relax in a peaceful atmosphere.

Sava Promenade is a favorite spot for recreation and sports. During the day, you can see runners, cyclists, rollerbladers, and yoga enthusiasts enjoying this beautiful promenade. Additionally, along the promenade, there are several sports courts where you can engage in various sports.
Belgrade Waterfront offers a wide selection of restaurants, cafes, and bars along the Sava Promenade. Whether you enjoy traditional Serbian cuisine, international dishes, or simply want to have a coffee with a view of the river, you will find something for yourself here.
Sava Promenade often hosts various cultural events, concerts, and festivals. During the summer, numerous concerts, theater performances, and outdoor movie screenings take place here, providing visitors with a unique experience.
Sava Promenade has become an essential destination in Belgrade, ideal for relaxation, recreation, and enjoying the beautiful view of the Sava River and the city skyline. Visit it and experience the beauty of Belgrade Waterfront!