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Belgrade is a city with a rich and tumultuous history, and therefore, it possesses the rare gift of containing influences and cultural gems from numerous countries and peoples that have occupied this beautiful city in the past. Romans, Austrians, and Ottomans have left their unique marks on Belgrade and contributed to the creation of what we now call the "Spirit of Belgrade." Throughout its history, Belgrade has been considered a crossroads, a place where Western culture meets with the oriental philosophy of the East. In this article, we will talk about one of the oldest and perhaps most famous monuments in Belgrade, which undoubtedly takes one's breath away.

Kalemegdan started as a military camp for the Romans way back in the 1st century AD. It was a Serbian stronghold since the 13th century, but after the Serbian empire was destroyed at the start of the 15th century, it was chosen as the capital of Despot Stefan Lazarevic. It was shelled, besieged, conquered, destroyed and rebuilt over and over again through its turbulent and bloody history and its current battle-hardened appearance certainly doesn't try to hide it. In fact it still stands proudly as ever and is sure to continue doing so in the years to come.

In the late 19th century, the plateau around the fortress has been remade into the largest and most beautiful park in Belgrade.

Within the Kalemegdan complex you can find a military museum of Serbia, a Zoo, tombs of national heroes, the statue of the Victor, which represents the victory of the Serbian army over the Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian empires in World War I and offers a breathtaking view of the unique socialist architecture of New Belgrade as well as other parts of Belgrade. Within the park you can also find numerous monuments built for important figures in Serbian history. When you finally feel like taking a break after a long day of sightseeing and discovery, the fortress offers a choice of excellent restaurants that are sure to satisfy all of your gastronomic needs. If you'd like to visit this marvelous place every day and take long walks or enjoy your morning coffee with the marvelous view of Belgrade's rivers, you might want to rent a flat in Belgrade that is very close to the fortress.

Kalemegdan is one of the most visited places in Belgrade, among tourists and locals alike. With its special blend of West and East, Belgrade is definitely one of the most unique places you can visit in Europe and its landmarks are sure to leave you speechless. Belgrade really has something for everyone. If you have plans to visit this magical city in the Balkans and are looking for flats for rent in Serbia, be sure to visit web site.You will surely find an apartment that'll perfect for you.